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Donations are only to go to David or Travis.

Heavens Mortals is a fast growing 317 private runescape server which is aimed at being one of the best rsps's to hit the shores. Created by an experienced development team, we have everything which the old runescape used to be, and a little bit more.

Any donations would be greatly appreciated, and are used directly back towards the servers growth. As long as donating, you will be given a donator status in-game with benifits such as a donator zone, and ability to globablly ::yell.

Donations are only to go to David or Travis.

Select a reward from the table below to see the payment options available.
You will receive these rewards shortly after your donation is sent.
Remember, donating for items contributes towards a higher donation rank!

Donator Status    Access to the donator area, monsters, shops and in game rank donator rank.      (AUD)$15

Premium Donator Status     Everything included with 'Donator Status' + ::Bank / ::DKs / ::KQ commands. Along with a premium donator shop.      (AUD)$95

Bandos Chestplate          (AUD)$15

Bandos Tassets           (AUD)$15

Spectral Spirit Shield          (AUD)$15

Arcane Spirit Shield         (AUD)$20

Elysian Spirit Shield          (AUD)$25

Divine Spirit Shield          (AUD)$30

Armadyl Godsword          (AUD)$30

Santa Hat          (AUD)$40

Halloween Mask          (AUD)$45

Partyhat          (AUD)$50

Monkey Gree-Gree      (AUD)$90

Full Primal          (AUD)$90

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